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The Winery

The Cantina Sociale of Barletta was established in 1949 by the willingness of several local wine producers whose effort and passion helped the grapevine growth which is considered the heritage of this particular area. The wine produced tells the history of the region which has been changing in time and has become the pride of the Apulian territory. 
Starting from the 70’s the Cantina Sociale of Barletta enhanced its own set of machineries bringing in a chain of wine bottling, thank also to the partnership with the Regione Puglia. Over the next years the Cantina Sociale of Barletta kept on improving its own wine producing system so as to raise the quantity of the wine produced. 
Nowadays more than 160.000 quintal of wine are produced and the Cantina continues evolving its own producing system and efficiency in order to keep up with the business. Given that, the offices of the Cantina have been recently renewed and expanded. 

The wine production has been incremented by using local high quality grapevines following innovative procedures to provide a wider selection of wine. The mission of the Cantina Sociale of Barletta is above all to keep high the standard level of wine quality. 
The Cantina Sociale of Barletta is today a great wine company production made of people with strength of mind. The strength of the company is based on both the valorisation of the territorial identity, through the knowledge and tradition of many wine producers, and accurate (business) decisions.  
The quality of the wine produced is guaranteed by both the people who take care of any production phases and the productivity of the area. The Rosso Barletta DOC, the Antenisi Rosso, the Frattarolo, the Léontine, the Malachè and the Priamis are expressions of the richness of the territory.  
In addition to wine, the Cantina includes in its own (selection of products also an excellent extra virgin olive oil produced with a particular old method. 
Over the years, the Cantina Sociale of Barletta has obtained many different awards. 
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